David Lynch’s cult-classic will return as a Showtime limited series

The rumors are true! 25 years after its groundbreaking original run on ABC, Mark Frost and director David Lynch are bringing their infamous mind-bending mystery series Twin Peaks back to television as a 9-episode limited series for Showtime.

Lynch will reportedly direct all 9 episodes, which will be set in the present day and once again be centered around the strange small town of the title. Kyle MacLachlan, currently playing a mysterious figure on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, is rumored to return to his original lead role of Dale Cooper. Showtime will re-air the existing two seasons of the series in the lead-up to the new show.

Widely viewed as the precursor to modern dramas like True Detective, the original series aired on ABC in 1990. It involved an FBI Agent investigating the murder of a young woman in an isolated Washington town inflected with Lynch’s signature surreal/disturbing themes and imagery, including strange dream sequences and a cast of characters (and suspects) who all appeared to be a little bit… off. A 1992 feature film, Fire Walk With Me, served as prologue and epilogue to the series, which was canceled but attained massive cult status almost immediately after.

No details have yet been provided as to the storyline of the new series.

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