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twitch plays pokemon crystal

Twitch has won eight badges, caught a Goldeen in the Master Ball, and is on its way to Pokemon Crystal‘s Indigo Plateau.

When we last reported on Twitch Plays Pokemon, they had somehow managed to successfuly complete Pokemon Red and had moved on to Pokemon Crystal, the third game in the Generation II trilogy. A lot has happened since then, and the Twitch community has managed to gather up eight badges and is closing in on the Indigo Plateau, one of the first major challenges of the new game.

Twitch named the player character “AJDNNW” (or “A.J” for short) started his journey with a Totadile last Sunday. Totadile quickly evolved, and due to its repeated use of the “Leer” move, in which the animation entails him shooting lasers from his eyes, earned the nickname “Lazorgator”.

More Pokemon were caught or obtained along the way, and as of writing, the team consists of a level 23 Shuckle (Shuckie) a level 47 Pidegot (Brian, a Monty Python reference), a level 32 Hoot Hoot (Dr. Hoot), a level 37 Espeon (AAAS RJ-I), a level 28 Dratini (KT), and, of course, Lazorgator, a level 56 Feraligatr.

This time around, only four Pokemon have been released from the PC box, a Sentret, a Togepi, a Wooper, and, once again, a Drowzee (poor Drowzee).

In total, 22 Pokemon have been caught. Unfortunately, while last time around Twitch managed to somehow use the game’s singular Master Ball to catch Zapdos, a legendary Pokemon, they weren’t so lucky this time around, using the ball on a lowly Goldeen (earning him the nickname “Master Goldeen”).

Tune in to the stream below, and be sure to check in next week to see what these crazy guys are up to.

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