Dishonored gets best new game brand, but you’ll never guess who won best digital retailer, or the sales triumph award.

The MCV 2013 Awards took place last night, and of those given kudos for their successes in the UK computer and video games industry, Ubisoft and EA were among the best of the best. Ubisoft came away with four awards – two of them for its latest Assassin’s Creed title, which took Game Campaign and Digital Campaign – while EA won two awards. EA probably has the better bragging rights, as it managed to snag Game Publisher of the Year, as well as UK Sales Team.

Meanwhile Dunwall continues to entrance public and judges alike, and thus Dishonored snagged the New Game Brand award. For those of you wondering who, out of all the possible contenders, could have bagged Sales Triumph or Digital Retailer, if you bet on anyone other than Minecraft and Steam, you just lost your money.

The MCV Awards has been going for eleven years now. It’s intended to reward commercial and creative successes in several different video games industry fields, including retail, PR and marketing as well as publishing and distribution. You may recall that, not so long ago, Game Publisher of the Year EA won another award, not quite so prestigious: worst company in America.

Source: MCV

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