Parent and child duos get to take on an epic Japanese RPG-inspired quest in the new Ubisoft game Child of Light.

As a child, experiencing stories with a parent has the potential to form lasting memories, whether it be a parent reading fairy tales aloud or poor Dad failing to keep up with the kids in a new game. Known for his work on Far Cry 3, creative director Patrick Plourde is working on a very different game — a coming of age story featuring a princess.

“I’m a father, and fairy tales are about parents telling their children stories that carry values,” Plourde told Polygon. “So one day our marketing director said, ‘Why don’t you make a game where you can play with your son?’ and I was like, ‘Ah! That’s so true!'”

Child of Light is a solo experience with a second player option to support the main character, an adventuring princess. Family or friends can play as Nicholas, who aids the player in solving puzzles and fighting in battles.

Plourde got the idea for Nicholas from Super Mario Galaxy. “But the thing I felt was missing in Super Mario Galaxy was the second character is not really helping,” he said. “You just collect coins. It’s not a collaboration — you’re more of a spectator.”

To make the game easier to play for children who can’t read yet, Child of Light is an RPG without menus. When exploring, the princess will fight enemies, and the second player can support the princess by slowing enemies or healing her. Like turn-based RPGs, each character has a personal timer for attacking.

Child of Light will be released on current and next generation consoles and PCs.

Source: Polygon

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