Ubisoft Drops the Bomb in Post-It Note War


Ubisoft has gone nuclear in its Post-It Note war with BNP, unveiling a three-story-high Ezio from Assassin’s Creed that will surely bring the French bank to its knees.

The conflict between Ubisoft and French bank BNP first came to the world’s attention in early August, long after the situation had escalated from a Galaga-esque warning shot fired by Ubi to an all-out, guns-blazing battle featuring Link, Megaman, Mario and even Pong. By the time the world’s eyes had turned to Paris, it was a stalemate, with neither side willing to yield and the nearby Office Depot desperately calling for resupply.

But now the tide has turned. Now Ubisoft has become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
That, in case it’s not quite clear, is a three-story-high Ezio, the lead character from Assassin’s Creed, created entirely out of Post-It Notes – and of course the boxes upon boxes of Post-It Notes needed to make the thing. It makes the Bowser and Pikachu on the floor above look a tad inadequate, doesn’t it? And unless BNP has a serious trick or two up its sleeve, I think it’s time to declare this war won.

Source: Facebook, via Kotaku

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