Good news! If you’ve played your copy of Far Cry 4 in some capacity, Ubisoft will restore the key.

Last month, we ran a story about Ubisoft deactivating a bunch of Far Cry 4 CD Keys that turned out to be purchased using stolen credit cards, and then re-sold to third party retailers. Widely regarded as a “dick move”, the real losers in this scenario were the customers, who had no way of knowing that the keys they were buying were stolen. Well now there’s some good news, as Ubisoft has graciously decided to re-activate any deactivated copies of the game that have been played in some way.

“After further investigation into the matter of keys that were fraudulently purchased on EA’s Origin store, we are reinstating keys for consumers who already had successfully activated and started playing the games,” an Ubisoft representative told Game Informer. “Any remaining fraudulently obtained and resold keys have been deactivated.”

“We are working with EA to prevent situations like this from happening again, and we will continue to deactivate keys that are found to be fraudulently obtained and resold,” the representative continued. “We strongly recommend that players purchase keys and downloadable games only from the Uplay shop or trusted retailers.”

So, if you had your key yanked from you after already having booted up the game, you can probably expect it to be re-instated in the near future, but if you’d bought a key and hadn’t gotten around to playing the game yet, you’re out of luck.

It’s nice to see Ubisoft come to its senses on this one, though it may be another case of “too little, too late”.

Source: Game Informer

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