Police in Cardiff, Wales have seized 1,800 flash carts following a raid.

The carts, which allow DS Lite owners to play pirated games and homebrew software and are illegal under UK law, were being sold via the internet by an unnamed 21-year-old man. The site was discovered by the Entertainment and Leisure Publishers Association (ELSPA) and was reported to the authorities following a test purchase.

The carts had been imported over four different shipments and as well as the devices themselves, officers also found detailed delivery receipts for every device sold in the last two years. Another thousand carts were found at the man’s house along with hundreds of other products ready for mailing.

ELSPA managing director Michael Rawlinson praised the South Wales Police for the part they played in stopping the operation and had this to say, “Our team in the Intellectual Property Crime Unit (IPCU) has stepped up its fight against counterfeiters stealing game software and other intellectual property rights of our members. Increasingly sophisticated tracking techniques make it harder than ever for the thieves to avoid detection.”

Nintendo UK’s general manager David Yanton echoed this statement, saying, “Nintendo is serious about taking actions against those involved in the manufacturing and distribution of game copying devices.”

Source: GamaSutra

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