UK Retailer Breaks Pokemon X and Y Street Date


Nintendo’s worldwide release of Pokemon X and Y has had more than a few hiccups from retailers selling the game before the Oct. 12 release.

U.K. electronics retailer GAME has begun selling copies of Pokemon X and Y one day early to compete with other retailers who also broke the Oct. 12 street date. GAME texted customers to pick up their pre-orders today, and a GAME store in Bournemouth tweeted that they were “given the all clear to sell Pokemon X & Y today!”

A GAME representative told Polygon that the retailer was allowed to sell copies of the game early because “a competitor broke street date – so other retailers can now sell this title.” GAME is one of the largest games retailers in the U.K., meaning getting an early copy of Pokemon X and Y in the country is easy.

GAME is far from the first to sell X and Y early; Nintendo has had trouble keeping stores to the agreement of the street date. Nintendo recently published a pamphlet addressing Brazilian retailers. The company warned that it would withhold future shipments until after the release date for those titles have passed for any retailers who sell X and Y before Oct. 12. Nintendo has not released an official statement on GAME’s actions.

Pokemon X and Y will release tomorrow, Oct. 12 for any retailers who have not already begun selling the game. For anyone wary of spoilers tonight, beware of the internet.

Source: MCV via Polygon

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