The highly anticipated sequel from Naughty Dog is made official, gracing the Spike Video Game Awards and the cover of Game Informer.

Cover boy Nathan Drake is stalking his way through a frozen tundra to make it to the Spike Video Game Awards where gamers will be treated to the worldwide debut of Naughty Dog’s “Dude Raider” sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. For those who simply can not wait until the December 14 show, GameTrailers has a 30 second teaser available now, showing a bloodied Nathan grasping for a phurba stake in the snow.

Spike TV won’t be the only venue hosting Nathan Drake and his half-tucked shirts as arriving in mailboxes soon is the January issue of Game Informer magazine, featuring a 10 page exclusive on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Of what has been divulged so far, Naughty Dog appears to have listened to the fans cries for more exploration and less action, as the sequel adds a new free-climbing mechanic to Nathan’s bag of tricks as well as a new focus on stealth gameplay.

As for why Mr. Drake is wandering about in the snow, the story of Uncharted 2 deals with the travels of the famed explorer, Marco Polo, which may have something to do with that. Now, if only Nathan would take a queue from Marco Polo and put a jacket on while he’s out there exploring. He’s bound to catch a chill at this rate.

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