Nathan Drake and Sully are going to have to work on their upper arm strength for Uncharted 3.

Uncharted‘s Nate Drake is a busy man. He’s traipsing around the world looking for treasure, he’s romancing the ladies, he’s making sure his hair is absolutely perfect, and he still needs to find time to practice his gunfighting and hit the gym – at least, he better, judging by the time he spends hanging from things and/or being shot at.

From this glimpse at the co-op mode in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Drake and his pal Sully are having to run and gun their way through ancient ruins yet again, facing impossible odds and improbably surviving close-range explosions.

What’s cool about this trailer is the very end, where we see some nice-looking vertical level design and gunplay as Drake and Sully scale a tower and return fire on well-entrenched foes. I’m not going to question the mechanics of how one would feasibly use a zoom scope while clinging to a wall, but the gunfights themselves look damn entertaining.

The graphics don’t seem quite up to par in this trailer – at least, not as good as what we’ve seen of Uncharted 3 thus far – but it’s still way too early in the development cycle to really complain about that.

Uncharted 2 experimented with co-op play online, but it was always really an afterthought. Let’s hope that Uncharted 3 delivers some meatier fare here for fans of playing cooperatively with friends.


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