Unlock Bloodborne’s Rune Master Trophy With These Tips

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Uncover a rare Bloodborne item and unlock the “Rune Master” trophy with our quick guide.

Explore enough of the Cathedral Ward and it’s possible to find a precious Caryll Rune before you can even equip these useful buffs. For new players, we’ve provided instructions explaining how to unlock the Memory Alter in Hunter’s Dream just to make your punishing adventure a tad easier.

To follow the walkthrough below, you’ll need to clear the Old Yharnam district’s boss. If you’ve made it that far, you’ll be able to use Caryll Runes and find one precious enough to earn this trophy. Scroll down to find our complete location guide.

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Rune Master Trophy Guide

To find an extremely rare Caryll Rune, follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Travel to the Cathedral Ward lamp and go through the gate to the right that leads up to the Healing Church Workshop. These gates open after defeating the Blood-Starved Beast in Old Yharnam.
  • 2. Step onto the lift and ride it until you pass by an open window. Roll through the window quickly — it might take a few tries.
  • 3. On the exterior balcony, follow the path left across the rooftop and drop down onto the ledge below. There should be a door to your right.
  • 4. Enter the room and you’ll find yourself on a different balcony above the Oedon Chapel.
  • 5. Inside the chest, you’ll find the “Formless Oedon” rune. Grab it to unlock the “Rune Master” trophy.

How to Unlock Caryll Runes

Caryll Runes can’t be used at the start of your quest in Yharnam. You’ll have to find the Rune Workshop Tool in Hemwick Charnel Lane.

For detailed instructions on finding it, check out these steps:

  • 1. Unlock the gate to the Grand Cathedral in the Cathedral Ward by traveling through the giant hole beneath the Healing Church Workshop or by purchasing the badge from the Bath Messengers in the Hunter’s Dream.
  • 2. At the gates of the Grand Cathedral, take the left path into the forest guarded by hunters and dogs. Through this open area, you’ll find Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  • 3. Continue through the cemetery until you reach a field guarded by executioners past a gate. In this area, move up the hill on the left to reach a creepy old building.
  • 4. Inside this building, you’ll encounter the Witch of Hemwick boss. Defeat her and explore the cellar room down the steps to find the Rune Workshop Tool.

With the Rune Workshop Tool found, you can now use the Memory Alter in the Hunter’s Dream. This allows you to equip multiple Caryll Runes from your inventory.

Trophy Unlocked

  • Rune Master (Silver):
    Acquire an extremely precious Caryll Rune.

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