Unusual Splinter Cell Mission Remains Secret For Years


A secret Splinter Cell: Double Agent mission that has the player rescue baby alien seals has remained hidden until now.

Videogame easter eggs are meant to be hard to find, but typically they’ll be uncovered shortly after a game’s release. That’s why it’s amazing a Splinter Cell: Double Agent easter egg side-mission appears to have been kept a secret for four years.

The mission is a pretty weird one, to boot. In the Xbox version of the title’s co-op mode exist five hidden seals to rescue. Not Navy Seals, but baby alien seals from another planet.

To free Muffin, Pepperoni, Vanilla, Cookie, and Buddy, from captivity you’ll have to do more than sneak around. This easter egg requires some adventure game-like activities, such as finding coins and bringing them to vending machines, and feeding seals the proper items. If you give a seal something he doesn’t want, you’ll fail.

Vimeo user Julien Daunais (edit: who appears to have now deleted the video) and his friend, who happens to be Ubisoft Montreal level designer Simon Lasalle and the one responsible for the easter egg, created an 11 minute video to show off how the entire mission is completed. Evidently, they also just wanted to show the world that it exists. It’s unconfirmed if other versions of Double Agent hold the seal mission, but it’s definitely in the Xbox version. I wonder what other games hold awesome long-lost secrets like this?

Via: Kotaku

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