Update: 3DS XL Evolves Into Limited Eevee Edition In Japan

Eevee limited edition 3ds XL

The official Pokémon Center store will offer the Eevee edition 3DS XL via reservations held by a lottery.

Like Eevee? Live in Japan? Have 18,900 yen lying around? Then good news! The official Pokémon Center store, with 7 locations across Japan, will soon be offering a limited edition Eevee-themed 3DS XL. The Eevee edition 3DS XL will be tough to get, as reservations will be decided via a lottery held from May 15th until June 3rd.

Earlier this month, visitors to Pokémon centers were greeted with a mysterious sign. It read “What? Nintendo 3DS XL is evolving!” and featured a picture of Eevee with the words “Coming Soon” printed behind him. Now, the Eevee edition 3DS XL has been official unveiled, and features a brown-striped color scheme on the front, with a print of Eevee on the back, and a white interior.

This announcement comes almost parallel to Nintendo’s announcement of a Metallic Red 3DS, due for release in Japan next month. The new red 3DS will be released on June 13th for 15,000 yen and will come with a 4GB SD card. There’s currently no release date for a North American model, but we can assume it will come in due course.

The lottery-style reservations were the same way that sales of the previous Charizard 3DS XL were held. A previous Pokémon Center exclusive, the Pikachu-themed 3DS XL, was actually made avaliable in North America on March 24. Still no news on when (or if) the Charizard and Eevee 3DS XL’s will come stateside, but fingers crossed!

Source & Image: Siliconera

Update: The Pokémon company has released some high res screenshots of the limited edition 3DS XL.

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