UPDATE: Dead Rising 3 DLC “Operation Broken Eagle” Lands December 24


The heat is on as players race to find the president amidst a sea of zombies.

UPDATE: Kotaku is reporting that “Operation Broken Eagle” will be released on December 24. Meanwhile, Major Nelson announced the Dead Rising 3 demo is available today.

The first DLC for Dead Rising 3, “Operation Broken Eagle,” will put players in the middle of a very different kind of zombie survival story, developer Capcom Vancouver revealed today. First announced earlier this year, “Broken Eagle” will be the first of the four planned add-on packs tied to the game’s season pass.

In “Operation Broken Eagle,” players take on the role of commander Adam Kane, a spec ops agent conflicted over his current mission to locate and capture the president of the United States. In addition to the eponymous mission, the DLC will mix in five new weapons, a new combo weapon, a new outfit and a new vehicle. There will, of course, be new achievements as well. While “Broken Eagle” is an independent storyline, any experience earned while playing the DLC will be added to a player’s primary character.

Capcom Vancouver also announced that a demo for Dead Rising 3. Rather than releasing a specific mission to try, the demo – which is available today – will unleash new players on the game’s Ingleton neighborhood and see if they develop a taste for open-world zombie slaying, but only for two twenty-minute sessions.

“Operation Broken Eagle” will cost $9.99 when it hits Xbox Live December 24, it will also be available as part of the $29.99 [i]Dead Rising 3 season pass.

Sources: Polygon, Kotaku

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