Updated: Modern Warfare 2‘s Ridiculous Prestige Edition


Infinity Ward and Activision are setting a new standard for ridiculous collector’s editions with the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2: a giant set that includes a pair of fully-functional night vision goggles. Because that is totally necessary.

If you thought the Fallout 3 Survival Kit and Halo 3 Legendary Edition were the cream of the crop when it came to ridiculous premium packages for blockbuster videogames, you haven’t seen (Call of Duty) Modern Warfare 2‘s Prestige Edition yet.

This package, recently revealed (and unboxed) by Infinity Ward community man Robert Bowling, is about as excessive as videogame consumerism comes. It contains the “Hardened Edition” of the game, packaged in a steel case and with an art book, and, believe it or not, what Bowling calls “fully functional” night-vision goggles, with alternating modes and a Soap MacTavish model head to stick them on for display. Prestige and Hardened editions come with download codes for Call of Duty: Classic on PSN and XBLA (it’s the first CoD).

“This is where the big bucks are,” Bowling declares. I don’t doubt it. Bowling didn’t mention how much this is all going to cost, but it can’t be cheap for Activision and Infinity Ward (or, as Bowling calls his company, “I-Dub”) to mass produce functional night-vision goggles, though I can’t say I’m an authority on the subject.

Modern Warfare 2 will also come in a standalone Hardened Edition variety (with steel case, art book and download code), as well as the regular old, plain Jane, comes-in-a-plastic-case variety. For the people who just want to play the game and not sneak around campgrounds at night hunting raccoons.

UPDATE: According to I-Dub’s Twitter, the suggested MSRP for the Prestige Edition is…$149.

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