1,000 mobile phones, 53 different ringtone alerts and over 2,000 text messages combine to reconstruct Tchaikovsky’s famous “1812 Overture” in one of the coolest cell phone advertisements I’ve ever seen.

I lack the words to describe this advertisement from Vodafone New Zealand, called simply “Symphonia,” other than this: “Holy crap.” (Yes, you can quote me on that if you want) It starts out a bit slow, and you might feel skeptical initially – as I did – but once the song kicks in, it’s what Californians would describe as “hella impressive.”

To see the work that went into making this kickass commercial, Vodafone has posted a “Making Of” video, found in two parts here and here. I could say more about this impressive commercial, but really… I don’t want to ruin the moment.

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