New Armello update includes amulets, house rules, and an Easter egg “for Darkest Dungeon fans.”

Australian independent game studio League of Geeks has announced the first major post-launch update for their digital board game Armello – with the PlayStation 4 and DRM-free versions rolling out November 10.

The update includes a variety of additions, including two new hero-augmented amulets and house rules, which players can customize for each game. The update will also bring new weapons and armor, and promises improved stability when playing in multiplayer mode. The studio also teased an Easter egg “for fans of Darkest Dungeon.”

“Our intention has always been to keep improving Armello with feedback from the fantastic community,” said Trent Kusters, founder and director of League of Geeks. “The new update addresses the many requests we received for more customization options and house rules. We look forward to continuing our dynamic relationship with Armello fans, improving Armello in concert with our community as we have since the start of our Kickstarter campaign.”

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