Dragon Age and Mass Effect developer BioWare released a second mysterious teaser for a new property.

At Gamescom later this month, BioWare is going to have something new to show to gamers. A new video, called “YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN: Spark Teaser” popped up yesterday, one week after the “Nightmare” teaser. There still isn’t much to go on, but this new video is more Heroes than Lovecraft.

For the most part, all the clues seem to be the same, with a mention of Cologne, Germany, home of gaming trade fair Gamescom. BioWare has had a presence at Gamescom in the past, and with the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition we should expect the developer to show off more of its fantasy RPG. But it looks like The company that made Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has something else in store.

Both videos are similar in style when it comes to visuals and sound, but there are definite differences in the message. The first trailer relied on creepy imagery and ended with the line “What really happens when we sleep?” The new teaser shows a young man working on a cryptic doodle and dismissing phone calls. After a bit of heavy static pops between his hand and his phone, a bolt of lightning explodes in the restaurant, leaving the already anxious youth pretty shocked. Before cutting to black, we see a hooded figure watching the events from outside the restaurant. Which fits well with this video’s closing line, “Do you know they are watching?”

Mystery surrounds these teasers, and there is still not much to go on from the website the videos link to. Assuming BioWare keeps up this pattern, we should expect one more teaser on Thursday, the 7th, before Gamescom starts on August 13th.

Lucy Goosey

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