Think Jericho sucked? Clive Barker’s not so sure, but he’s willing to take your word for it.

Speaking to MTV News, Barker claimed he’s “not the expert” when it comes to gameplay, saying, “I come for the character designs, monsters, atmosphere.” Despite its flaws, he said, “I was very proud of the game. I think it looks amazing.”

“But I believe people when they say the gameplay isn’t what it should be and I’m perfectly sure if they’re saying that, there is probably some truth in that,” he continued. “To the extent that I can, I will try to get it better next time. But in the end, that’s not my area of expertise.”

In spite of the critical drubbing taken by Jericho, and the unfortunate commercial failure of the excellent Clive Barker’s Undying, Barker maintained he wants to remain involved with videogame creation. “I think games are potentially an incredibly interesting art form and I want to be a part of creating those worlds,” he said. “But I want them to be as original. I don’t want them to be zombie movies warmed up. George Romero has done that. He’s made the definitive movies, now why make games of them?”

“My thing with Jericho was: Let’s make something new. It isn’t impossible,” he continued. “You know, people say everything has been done. No. You know, 20 years ago, when Pinhead walked onto the screen nobody had seen anything else like it before, and I feel when you talk about Resident Evil and Silent Hill you’re talking essentially [the metamorphosis] of zombie movies. They have limited appeal for me.”

“Though I respect hugely the effort and the care and the beauty of games, I want to be working with people who want to create the War and Peace of games, the Citizen Kane of games and not just be warming up George Romero,” he said.

Ironically, Barker also revealed that Clive Barker’s Jericho is being made into a movie, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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