Destruction AllStars price drop game update

Lucid Games has posted an update detailing the future content that will be coming to Destruction AllStars, in addition to revealing a price drop. This month, the game already has Double XP Weekend and Genesis’ Challenge Series. Double XP Weekends will continue into March and April. In March, the game will introduce Bluefang’s Challenge Series and 10 new skins, while April will contain unspecified surprises.

The Challenge Series is a single-player experience based around a specific AllStar character and their rival. These have cinematics that let you learn more about the AllStars, their interpersonal relationships, and rivalries. Players can also earn skins and cosmetics for their AllStars.

Destruction AllStars also has unique game modes in the Challenge Series. Crash Course is a time trial where players collect time canisters to give themselves a boost to reach the finish line. Break Time has players smashing Score Crates to achieve as high a score as they can. Transporter is a taxi-like game mode where you pick up passengers and drop them off at destinations. Avoid hazards in the arena while also dropping off enough passengers to win.

In Skirmish, you and your rival compete to smash as many vehicles as possible, and smashing your rival can earn you double points. Lastly, Showdown has players taking down their rival’s teammates and then eventually facing off against the rival one on one.

Destruction AllStars has two types of currencies, AllStar Coins and Destruction Points. AllStar Coins can be earned by playing multiplayer matches online and increasing your AllStar Level or completing Weekly Challenges. They can be spent on cosmetic items. Destruction Points are the premium currency and can be used for cosmetic items, as well as buying Challenge Series themselves.

Additionally, Lucid Games also announced that Destruction AllStars will cost $19.99 digitally starting on April 6. It was originally priced at $69.99 as a launch title for the PlayStation 5 until it was delayed and was added to PlayStation Plus for this month.

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