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Thanks to the magic of the internet, you are now only clicks away from your ideal dorm room with Roomcraft. Sponsored by Target.

Summer is in full swing, which means that fall is right around the corner. With fall comes the return of cooler weather, which itself heralds the mass influx of college students to their oft-derided dorm rooms. Of course, if you hate your dorm room, we’ve got a handy little widget that might just change your mind. Harkening back to our own college days, The Escapist team has decided to take a trip down memory lane, and relive some of the minor glory of our days wandering the halls of academia by designing what would be now our ideal dorm room.

Check out a few of The Escapist Staff’s room designs below for a sneak peek into their individual styles. Craft your own setup here. Then, take to the forums to share your own personal style. Do you like grayscale, like far too many of The Escapist team, or do you prefer something with a bit more panache?

“As someone who sees largely in black and white, the color scheme resonates with my personality, while the simplicity of the decorum jives with my typically Spartan leanings. The cityscape, as the sole piece of non-functional decoration, reinforces the minimalist approach, while offering contrast to the room.” – Joshua Vanderwall

“I like to keep my personal space classy with just a hint of edge to let my personality shine through. And by ‘classy’ I mean every room should come complete with a matching bar table.” – Janelle Bonanno

“I like the color blue, and I like to exercise by throwing things at a blue trampoline thing, so that’s why I kitted my space out accordingly. Also, I’ve received so many copies of ‘The Kiss’ in postcard form over the years, that I decided it needed to be on my wall. Hopefully that will cut down on the amount of postcards I receive.” – Greg Tito

“Here I reflect the dichotomy of my personality with a black and white color scheme reminiscent of 1977’s Imperial stormtroopers. The horizontal lines on the bedsheets make my narrow college bed seem wider, to better fit my broad ego. The illusion is enhanced by the minimalist décor. The black lampshade will keep hateful incandescent rays from me, enabling me to brood evil thoughts in grayscale darkness. Above the bed I’ve placed a stylized “A” for Archon, a sign that ‘this is MY lair’ which has nothing to do with that old tower in Paris.” – Alexander Macris

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