Fallout: The Frontier

After seven years of work, Fallout: The Frontier is now available. The mod is based on Fallout: New Vegas, transplanting the action to Portland, Oregon. It’s a meaty adventure too, with the developers claiming that it contains enough content to make it comparable with a new game, including three main questlines and over 60 sidequests.

The team has built the game’s world entirely anew, estimating its size to be on par with that of the Mojave Wasteland from the original launch of New Vegas. The mod also contains a host of features not found in the base game, including dynamic weather effects, hundreds of new items, new vaults, and drivable vehicles.

The story returns you to the shoes of The Courier and takes place prior to New Vegas’s final battle, bringing back Caesar’s Legion and the New California Republic, as well as a new branch of the Brotherhood of Steel, called the Crusaders. These factions are battling over the natural and military resources within Portland.

To mark the launch, the developers have dropped a new trailer (embedded below) showing off some of the story and new features to be found. If it piques your interest, Fallout: The Frontier is available to download now via Nexus Mods.

Damien Lawardorn
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