PC gamers will soon have their 30-second chance to save the world.

The fastest-moving RPG of all time will soon be making its way to PCs. Boasting the largest amount of content and the longest title in the series so far, Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is the second port of the thirty-second adventure following its PSP and Xbox Live Arcade releases.

The idea behind Half-Minute Hero is simple: you are a hero who must rescue the world from imminent destruction, and you have only thirty seconds in which to do it. You are joined by the Time Goddess, who can turn back the clock (for a price) and must use your wits to save the day as quickly as possible in each mission.

The PC edition of Half-Minute Hero will be the most complete version yet, containing everything from the PSP and Xbox releases. First and foremost, it includes the extra game modes “Princess 30”, “Knight 30” and “Evil Lord 30”, each of which change the play style significantly. Princess 30 is essentially a top-down shooter, Knight 30 tasks the player with protecting a sage for 30 seconds, and Evil Lord 30 is a dungeon-based RTS. These were all available in the original PSP game with 30 missions each, but were cut down to single missions in the Xbox release. Players will also be able to choose between the game’s original 8-bit style or the remixed Xbox graphics, and will have access to the five-minute long “Hero 300” mode, the final chapter from the Xbox version.

Costing $9.99, Half-Minute Hero will appear on Steam and Playism on Thursday, September 27 at 1pm EDT precisely. To mark the release, publisher Marvelous AQ is planning a fitting promotion, which it claims will be the shortest marketing campaign in videogaming history. For exactly thirty seconds after launch, the company will give away free Steam download codes through the game’s website and Twitter feed, and the fastest few heroes will a free copy of the full game. There will also be two further opportunities to claim a copy on September 28, at 11am and 1pm EDT.

Source: Joystiq

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