Hitman developer IO Interactive Warner Bros. new game

Hitman developer IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are partnering together on a new PC and console game.

IO Interactive explained it is recruiting talent for the currently unspecified project. IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak clarified why the studio has decided to continue its partnership with Warner Bros.: “Over the past few years, Warner Bros. has shown us first-hand that they understand and respect our creative vision, and we’re looking forward to continuing this relationship.”

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. have previously worked together to release assorted Hitman titles, so it would be natural to believe the new game would be set in that same universe. However, IOI clearly describes this new game as taking place in “a new universe for IOI.”

In July, video game documentary series Noclip traveled to talk with IO Interactive about the process of creating one of gaming’s most notorious killers. The Hitman dev revealed that it was already contemplating a potentially episodic Hitman 3, but Abrak also teased something new for the future at that time: “We’ve created four original IP from scratch; we’ve always created these characters and worlds. It’s a part of our DNA. So, we are looking forward to new stuff as well, apart from growing Hitman, into the world.”

IO Interactive is still pushing out content for Hitman 2, so it may be a while yet before fans see what the developer has hidden behind the curtains.

Michael Cripe
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