Horizon Zero Dawn 2 co-op playstation 5 demo

Details are beginning to surface about Guerrilla Games’ follow-up to Horizon Zero Dawn, which is now set to be a trilogy. According to VGCHorizon Zero Dawn 2 was originally in development for PlayStation 4 but is now being shifted to Sony’s PlayStation 5, which is set to launch this holiday season. Development on the sequel began shortly after the successful launch of the original, which sold over 10 million copies on PS4.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is said to feature cooperative play, although it’s unknown if this will be in the main game or a separate mode. This feature was axed from the original due to a lack of development time, and Guerrilla Games was planning on introducing co-op play in a demo for the sequel that would transfer progress into the full game. It’s unknown if this is still the plan or not.

While additional details are scarce about the upcoming PlayStation 5 title, the report says that the game will be “gigantic” and even larger than its predecessor, which already featured plenty of area to explore. The developer is also working towards giving players more freedom than before.

Just last month, Sony confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn is being ported to PC. No release date is set in stone, but the game is said to be coming out this summer.

A departure for Guerrilla Games, which is best known for its work on the Killzone series, Horizon Zero Dawn received critical acclaim when it launched on PlayStation 4 in 2017. The post-apocalyptic open world title was lauded for its action-filled gameplay and intriguing setting that has dangerous mechanical creatures roaming a world largely reclaimed by nature.

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