Louis C.K heads an assortment of comedians selling videos and podcasts of their shows for charity.

The Humble Bundle, which was once known as the Humble Indie Bundle, is best known for selling a collection of videogames in a “pay what you want” bundle, where you can chose exactly where your money goes. After raising a cool $10 Million with the latest Humble Origin Bundle, the Humble Bundle team have decided to take a break from videogames to bring us laughter.

Louis “free upvotes on Reddit” C.K heads an assortment of comedians that are selling videos and podcasts of their comedy acts in the name of charity. Jim Norton’s Please be Offended, Hannibal Buress’ My Name is Hannibal, Tig Notaro’s Live and Maria Bamford’s The Special Special Special are the acts available for as little as one cent. If you pay above the average (which is currently sitting at $8.72), you’ll receive Louis C.K’s Live at the Beacon Theater along with Patrice O’Neal’s Unreleased and Mr. P.

As always, you can chose for your money to go only to the artists, only to the charities (this time it’s the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play), only to the Humble Bundle team or a mixture of the three.

In addition to DRM-free downloads of audio and video files, The Humble Bundle team are also providing high-quality streams of all of the videos.

Will you guys be getting this one? Personally, I’ve never been that big of a fan of Louis C.K, although I have seen Maria Bamford a few times and she is pretty fantastic.

Source: Humble Bundle

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