You can take your Fallout 4 home base with you thanks to this mod.

If you’re tired of heading back to same place for your home base every time you need to craft something in Fallout 4, you should check out this new mod. The Vertical Takeoff Outpost mod lets you find blueprints in the game that teach you to craft a very special vertibird that can serve as your home base, complete with a multi-purpose workbench and defense turrets. It even has an intercom that you can use to contact any followers that may have wandered off, as they are known to do.

While that sounds cool, there are a few caveats. First, you can’t just fly this thing wherever you want. Once you’ve crafted the vertibird, you need to craft landing pads to place at your settlements. Place those, and you can fast travel in the vertibird to those locations. You won’t actually see it fly, but after the screen fades, you’ll hear the rotors kick in, and you’ll be at the new location instantly.

You’ll also be able to craft beacons that you can place anywhere in the world. Anywhere you place a beacon, you can travel to with your new rotor-driven home. You can even summon it to you to keep from having to make your way back to it. To power the vertibird, you’ll need to fuel it up with craftable coolant, and every time you move it, it uses up that coolant.

There are a few other restrictions. The vertibird isn’t a settlement, so you can’t recruit anyone to live there, or set up trade routes to it. But hey, who wants to live with all those wastelanders anyway?

If you’d like to check this mod out, you can find the PC version over at NexusMods, and the Xbox One version is on Brings Back Pinata Madness Sale Starting Today

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