image has published its list of the 17 Hottest Game Babes of 2008, and it’s everything you might expect from a list made up primarily of women who exist only in the imaginations of horny, sexually-repressed videogame developers.

This year’s list of pretend hot chicks is a diverse one, covering a wide range of game genres, and even includes a few real women, albeit women dressed up as ridiculously under-uniformed special forces soldiers. The one and only non-fiction female in the list is tennis star Maria Sharapova, who appeared in 2K Sports’ Top Spin 3, and while her real-life hotness is unquestionable the image taken from the game has fallen so far down into the uncanny valley that how it qualifies as anything but creepy as hell is utterly beyond my comprehension.

Some entries in the list are traditional gamer favorites – Lara Croft, anyone? – while the inclusion of Street Fighter heroine Chun-Li is indicative of nothing so much as a determination to include 17 game babes come hell or high water. And while the undead-killing skills of Left 4 Dead’s token female Zoey may be admirable, does she really qualify as “hot?”

Personally, I don’t see how the guys at Maxim managed to put this list together without including that chick from all the Age of Conan promos, but maybe I’m biased: My internet service package includes real porn. Still, if drooling over cartoon chicks is your cup of T&A, you can have a look at Maxim’s complete list of the 17 Hottest Game Babes of 2008 here.

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