Studio manager Mike Ybarra says that Microsoft is “testing” ways to offer “better deals” on its Xbox One digital offerings.

One of the problems that many people have with the way companies often handle digital distribution is the fact that there’s often little incentive purchase games digitally outside of pure convenience. After all, if you’re paying a price that the same or similar, why not just buy a disc copy? That being the case, Microsoft has recently confirmed that it may be in the process of “testing” new schemes to help make the Xbox One’s digital offerings a better bargain for its customers.

The reveal came via studio manager Mike Ybarra who commented on digital pricing earlier today over Twitter. “[A] lot of people asked for better deals on our digital marketplace, so we’re testing some,” he said. He then went on in a follow up Tweet to raise the example of a planned sale (2/18-2/24) of the digital version of Ryse: Son of Rome that would drop its price down to $39.99. “That’s far better than the used price at GameStop and others! Go digital!”

While the Ryse promotion is certainly a welcome discount, what remains to be seen is how far these sort of deals could extend. Regular sales could go a long way toward convincing consumers to go with digital over retail. That said, if the Ryse tests result in promos that are insubstantial or few and far between, then we could see holdouts opting to stick with their physical copies

Source: Twitter

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