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The studio behind My Time at Portia, Pathea Games, has revealed a follow-up title set in the same world called My Time at Sandrock. The game has been revealed alongside a new Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised $42,000 of its $100,000 goal. Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and next-gen consoles, Pathea describes the game as a story-driven open-world simulation RPG with a Western theme.

My Time at Sandrock’s story begins 300 years following the collapse of “an earlier civilization” and puts the player knee-deep in the town’s problems. This sequel’s setting isn’t quite as friendly as the areas in 2018’s My Time at Portia but still sees players engaging in mini-games, building a town, and fostering relationships with others around Sandrock. This time around, however, My Time at Sandrock will support some sort of multiplayer functionality that allows players to build together. The trailer below teases lots of danger and mysteries to explore in the underground areas of the game, but you can watch the footage for yourself below.

The Kickstarter campaign for My Time at Sandrock contains more details about Pathea’s goals with the sequel project, including the fact that the team is hoping to have a more engaging story while also focusing more on each NPC’s role in the world. The team also seems to be dedicated to making the entire experience more polished overall, saying that it “learned a lot of lessons from Portia,” and there will be high-quality sound and voice acting as well. To help ensure a consistent release across all platforms, Pathea is handling the porting process to consoles itself.

Essentially, it sounds like My Time at Sandrock will deliver on fan feedback from My Time at Portia. Pathea says that the goal is for multiplayer to support at least four players in an open-world map, though much of this mode is still in its design phase. Features such as the workshop, farming, battle system, cooking, and more will see lots of new upgrades and general improvements. Relationships, on the other hand, are getting a total overhaul, with Pathea saying that NPCs are involved with the gameplay loop with “much more dialogue” and character-specific quests.

My Time at Sandrock is planned to release in Steam Early Access in March 2021 with a full launch scheduled for spring 2022. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and next-gen console versions will release a few months later in summer 2022. If you plan to back the Kickstarter project, you have 26 days until the campaign comes to an end.

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