Battleborn‘s first new character unlocks for some players today, and these new videos show off her skills.

The first post-release character for Battleborn – Alani – went live today for those who own the game’s Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as for those who participated in the PlayStation 4 beta. For everyone else, you’ll see her show up in your game next Tuesday, May 31.

Alani can be unlocked using the newly added Hero Key, or by paying 47,500 in-game credits. If you choose to use the Hero Key, you can get it back by paying the credits or by fulfilling the requirements to unlock the hero you use it on.

Gearbox has provided a helpful list of Alani’s abilities. They include:

  • Torrent: Through years of training in Ket, her order’s martial art, Alani has honed her ability to control water, hurling water bolts to damage enemies.
  • Wellspring: Channeling her focus and strength, Alani heals herself for a small amount or envelopes an ally in water to heal them.
  • Riptide: Alani sends forth a wave of water that deals damage to enemies, pushes them away, and leaves a trail hastening allies’ movement speed.
  • Geyser: Calling upon the power of the oceans, a groundswell erupts, knocking enemies into the air, damaging and binding them.
  • Emergence: Alani summons a water dragon that deals damage to everything caught in its wake.
  • Osmosis (Passive): Alani’s healing abilities swell and recede like the tide. Successfully landing hits with Torrent grants up to three stacks to temporarily increase the healing power of Wellspring.

Four more heroes are planned for addition to Battleborn in the coming months. You can check out Alani’s skills in the video above, and a let’s play video featuring her below.

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