It has been over half a decade since we last saw Paul Blart, a mall cop played by Kevin James. Now he’s back (and faster than ever) in his own take on the Fast and Furious franchise, the latest of which, Furious 7, opens just a couple of weeks before his new movie. In the trailer, Blart attempts to stop a street race, only to be brushed off for not being a real cop. To prove how cool he is – or perhaps to show how un-cool the street racers are, since the trailer does feel strangely self-aware – he starts performing dance moves on his Segway. In typical Blart fashion, things don’t go entirely smoothly, but he emerges from the wreckage he causes unscathed and to a parade of cheers.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop saw the eponymous, Segway-riding hero fight against a group of robbers who were trying to steal millions of dollars from inside the mall he swore to protect. In the six years since that incident, he’s earned himself a vacation in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, his vacation gets cut short when he’s forced to go on duty and save the day once again.

Directed by Andy Fickman (Parental Guidance, The Game Plan, and She’s the Man) and written by Nick Bakay and starring Kevin James – both of whom penned the first film’s screenplay – Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 opens in theaters everywhere on April 17, 2015.

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