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Physics-based heist game Teardown is coming to Steam Early Access later this month. Tuxedo Labs has set a launch date of Oct. 29, making sure to show off more explosive gameplay in an accompanying announcement trailer. You can watch the footage down below.

Tuxedo Labs first announced its PC destruction symphony just over a year ago. Per Teardown’s Steam page, players will be able to play through a Campaign and Sandbox mode. The former follows an individual in need of money, who soon finds themselves “knee-deep in a murky soup of revenge, betrayal, and insurance fraud.” You’ll steal cars, blow holes in the sides of buildings, and, in general, wreak havoc in blocky fashion.

Meanwhile, Sandbox is a mode available for each different environment and allows players to explore, destroy, and have fun at their will. The Steam page promises that players will be able to create their own environments through modeling software MagicaVoxel, but Teardown’s website says modding support won’t arrive until some time after the early access release.

The Escapist spoke with developer Dennis Gustafsson shortly after Teardown was initially revealed, and Gustafsson discussed how this project eventually took form as well as its nearly limitless destructive potential.

Put on a helmet and get ready for Teardown to launch into Steam Early Access on PC for $20 later this month.

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