Eidos Montreal’s Thief trailer for E3 is here, but there’s still no gameplay to be seen.

Stealing “sets me free in the night,” says new Garrett in the E3 trailer for Thief, taking a far more romantic view of his vocation than old Garrett, who stole things because he had rent to pay and as I recall mused more than once about making a big score and getting out of the business. And that’s not the only thing that appears to have changed; he’s also rocking a very funky robo-bow and seems far more willing to charge in and bust heads to get what he wants.

This is all just a teaser, of course, designed to stoke interest rather than show off what the game will actually be like, and dodging crossbow bolts in mid-air is far more visually exciting than, say, skulking in the shadows for 15 minutes mentally mapping out a guard’s route. I do find it a little concerning that there’s still no gameplay on display, however, especially since this is the E3 trailer – the big one, in other words. Thief has never been a particularly easy game to show off but we already know it’s coming, so isn’t it about time we got a proper look behind the curtain?

Thief is being developed for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. No release date has been set.


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