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    1. Here a future idea. How about the guy or gal your forgot to beat instead break there neck on a fright passenger. Then and eventually lead to a glory chain of horrendous mistake that eventually lead the plan to boom. And depend on how many you forgot to belt in/stop smoking/keep there phone on result in a variety of game over exploding, crash, and or just into a black hole that send you to another timeline of all eternity.
      Just idea thought.
      Look forward to whatever you come up with.
      Also will you also put the game on itch.io?

    2. Sounds like a reasonable undertaking given the timeframe.

      Though I cannot say I care for the theme music of this series; while I in general do not like that sort of music(I suspect it’s either metal or a subgenre thereof) in Zero Punctuation it at least makes sense. Metal sounds angry, Zero Punctuation was started partly under the philosophy that one must tell the devs the truth, otherwise they have no chance of improving. That is a breeding ground for hostility so an angry sounding theme song makes sense. How does it make sense for this series?

      1. Same. Something like that belongs in a series like Uncivil War.

        Man, I miss having Jim Sterling around here.

    3. I have this simple concept for a game similar to chess (2 sides, grid layout, pieces with different moves that can be captured).
      3 key differences though:
      1) Instead of taking turns, pieces can be moved at any time, with a 3 second after each action.
      2) The board extends beyond the player’s field of view so it isn’t possible to see the whole thing without scrolling.
      3) The “pieces” are actually bugs, and will occasionally move independently,

      Only real difficult part would be giving each piece unique behavioral patterns (aggressive/defensive/evasive) depending on its matchup with nearby pieces. Also, have it so that unintended movement is less likely when pieces are in certain formations.

    4. For one month, how about a sequel to Hatfall.

      Hatfall 2: The Fall of Hats!

    5. Ideas for increasing complexity:
      • Add patterned shirts and visual noise in passenger clothing, so it’s harder to identify at a glance who’s got their belt unbuttoned, seat back, or tray down, etc.
      • Add a mechanic where passengers can complain and return to an unsafe state (undo their seatbelts) after the attendant leaves
      – Maybe make a complain bubble appear at random over a row after a certain time interval, and then one passenger in that row will be returned to an unsafe state. This requires the player to remember the location of a passenger who complains to address them efficiently, and gives you the chance to add some flavor text.

      Both of these events are similar to real situations flight attendances have, and can be increased in frequency easily in your code.

      1. How about having passengers who are too engaged in what they’re doing to to do it now. They’ll promise to put everything away in a minute, forcing you to remember where they were on the plane so you can re-check them after you’ve checked everyone else?

      2. Further additional complexity:
        -Passengers start using devices such as phones and tablets, with two handed (tablets) needing to be stowed while phones may be used.
        -Anyone using a device needs to be instructed to turn flight mode on. Failure to click also triggers explosion on take-off
        -Passengers reading books lock into an animation and waste time if mistakenly targeted as a device user.
        -Passengers with devices that are told to stow may start using them again once the attendant walks away

    6. As an aspiring Game Designer, I appreciate this.

    7. GLHF Yahtz

    8. QUESTION – How do you decide what elements of a game can be randomly/procedurally generated? And how do you implement those elements?

    9. Sounds enjoyable. Good luck and have fun.

    10. I wonder if the TSA will come in and taser guests who won’t accept their corrections, then drag them out.

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