Some random Valve guy has been spotted wearing a Half-Life 3 t-shirt!

This is big news, kids. Last night, a Valve employee who is not Gabe Newell, Doug Lombardi or the OMM guys was spotted gallivanting around town in a Half-Life 3 t-shirt. That’s right – Half-Life 3!

“All I’m saying is I saw this at a local game developer event worn by a Valve employee,” Chandana Ekanayake, art director and executive producer at Monday Night Combat developer Uber Entertainment, tweeted last night. The tweet also included a photograph of said t-shirt and the hashtags #Halflife3 and #ValveTrolling.

What could it mean? Possibly that work on Half-Life 3 is actually underway in a locked room in the deepest, darkest bowels of Valve headquarters, or possibly that Valve ordered a bunch of these things back in 2007, this guy found a box of them in a closet somewhere and decided to wear one out in public to mess with the internet. I would say it’s pretty much a 50/50 situation.

Whatever the case, Anonymous Valve Man clearly didn’t have a problem with the world finding out about his duds. “I asked him if it was OK to take the photo and he was cool with it. You never know with Valve,” Ekanayake tweeted later. “I did try to smother my face in his chest on the HL3 logo. He didn’t even spoon me back. Jerk.”

I would’ve been a whole lot happier to see someone sporting an Episode 3 shirt instead of Half-Life 3, but after four years of waiting I suppose I should just take what I can get.

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