Valve Looking Into Getting Left 4 Dead Mods Onto 360


Valve doesn’t want to leave console Left 4 Dead players in the cold when it comes to playing all the neat mods fans are whipping up for the PC, so it’s considering ways to get the content onto Xbox Live for a price, of course.

Oh console players of Valve games. You don’t have it very easy at all. Left completely out in the cold when it comes to Team Fortress 2, maybe not so much with Left 4 Dead but still forced to pay for content PC users are getting for free. Good news, though: Valve doesn’t want you all to feel completely left out from some of the neat content being pumped out by users in the form of mods created with Left 4 Dead‘s authoring tools.

“One of the things I’m thinking about is how we work within that [Xbox Live] system and one of the things I’d like to do is to allow these modules that are being released on PC to somehow integrate with Microsoft’s system,” Valve’s Yasser Mailaka told Official XBOX Magazine UK.

Unfortunately because of the way Xbox Live works, Valve would have to ask for your hard-earned bucks in exchange for the content. But it wouldn’t go straight into Gabe Newell’s wallet. “But we’re hoping perhaps we can shepherd the really popular campaigns onto 360,” Mailaka said. “And you know, if they are a paid system, perhaps that could go back to the authors. I think that would be a great story.”

It would definitely be nice, though Valve’s filtering process would probably mean you wouldn’t get some of the neater mods out there, like that Resident Evil mod from a few months back.

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