Valve has announced that the Orange Box is now available over the Steam digital distribution system.

The Orange Box package includes the three latest releases from Valve: Half-Life 2 Episode Two, which continues the saga of Gordon Freeman’s adventure’s in a Combine-conquered world; Team Fortress 2, sequel to the popular class-based team combat mod; and Portal, a gravity-bending first-person puzzle-adventure game.

The retail release of the Orange Box also includes the original Half-Life 2 FPS, as well as Half-Life 2 Episode one, the first installment in Valve’s episodic sequel. The package is priced at $49.95 for the PC and $59.95 for the Xbox 360, and Valve is allowing gamers who have already purchased the previous Half-Life 2 titles to “gift” the included copies to a friend over the Steam network.

More information about the Orange Box is available at, or at Steam.

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