Velocibox Endlessly Running on PS4 and Vita Today


Gleam that cube.

LOOT Interactive has announced the availability of Velocibox on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Out today for Sony’s platforms, Velocibox puts the player in control of a simple block which barrels forward through tunnels, twisting and flipping to collect cubes while avoiding obstacles. A new trailer has been produced to promote the new release.

The game features eighteen levels of play emphasizing level memorization and twitch reflexes. Players seeking a greater challenge will be able to unlock the more difficult “Super Velocibox” mode.

Velocibox was originally developed by Shawn Beck as an entry to the Ludum Dare #26 game jam. A more refined retail version released for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs in 2014.

The game can be purchased for PS4 and PS Vita from the PlayStation Store for $14.99, offered as a cross-buy title for both devices.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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