Video: LG’s Android Wearable “G Watch” is Waterproof, Coming Soon


LG’s Android-powered G Watch is waterproof, metallic, and decidedly square.

LG has a new video up that shows off the manufacturer’s forthcoming smartwatch. Called the G Watch, LG’s wearable offering is running on the Android Wear platform Google introduced a few months ago.

The internals on the G Watch are still up in the air, although you can be sure it’s an ARM-powered device, and Bluetooth will be on-board for smartphone connectivity.

What we do know now: The G Watch is waterproof, features an always-on screen, and it will charge through several connection points found on the underside of the watch body (so no USB port, as far as we can tell). Google Now is a big factor, judging by the limited info we see on the watch face. As for construction, the smartwatch is metal, which might be a shared trait with the coming-soon G3 smartphone.

The G Watch, along with Motorola’s circular Android offering, should make the wearable space very interested later this Summer.

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