Vin Diesel is to don the goggles again, for a third installment of the The Chronicles of Riddick.

Fans of the gravel-voiced sociopath that is Robert B Riddick rejoice, as it has been confirmed that Vin Diesel will reprise the roll in another silver screen installment of the Chronicles of Riddick. David Twohy, who wrote and directed both of the previous Riddick movies, will again be at the helm, both writing and directing the new movie.

According to sources, the third film will be much closer to Pitch Black than Chronicles of Riddick, and will focus more on the man, rather than the world he inhabits.

With two decent games, one movie that rates as one of the finest sci-fi movies of the last ten years, and another which, well, ok, let’s not talk about that one, it’s pretty safe to say that Riddick is the best character that Vin Diesel has ever played, and his subsequent movies have never really fit him as well. Will this be the movie that re-ignites Diesel’s career, or will it be another Babylon AD?

I’m certainly hoping for the former.

Source: Coming Soon

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