Vulkan Support Coming to DOOM, Bringing Super-High Framerates


Vulkan support is coming to DOOM, and that means PC gamers can push for ridiculously high framerates.

id Software is bring support for the Vulkan API to DOOM, which could mean much faster framerates for PC gamers. Vulkan is the next-generation of the venerable OpenGL API, and it improves on almost every aspect of its forbear. It sports higher performance, better multicore CPU usage, and more.

Back in May, id showed off Doom running at 120 fps on the Vulkan API, and now that same support is available to everyone playing DOOM on PC. Not only does this mean that newer PCs will be able to get better framerates, but Bethesda says that they expect older PCs to be able to play the game at good framerates now.

You can see all the info about the Vulkan update in this Bethesda blog post, and you can find answers to your questions in the company’s Vulkan FAQ.

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