Walmart Sells Boy Madden 09 With Disc Labeled “Redneck S**t”


A young boy decided to use his Christmas money to buy himself a new copy of Madden 09 from Walmart. When he got home and opened up the case, what he found was a blank disc with the words “REDNECK S***” scrawled across the top.

Everyone has their “moment when I lost my childhood innocence” story. Some people walk in on their parents doing naughty things, some people see the opening of “Saving Private Ryan” on TV. Some people innocently purchase football videogames with their own money and find slurs and expletives all over a disc they where they were expecting to find a picture of Brett Favre.

It’s just too sad: the kid decided to spend his Christmas money on Madden, went to Walmart and got it, but when he got home it was too late so he had to wait until the next day to play. The next day he he opens it up. “When he opened the game all I heard was ‘WHAT IS THIS’ and he ran to me and show me the game and to my surprise this is what I saw,” Michael, the kid’s dad, wrote to The Consumerist. “I immediately called Walmart and asked for a manager and explained to her what we found she asked if it was sealed and I told her yes with the security stickers and everything.”

Another look, however, made clear operations weren’t so air tight over at Walmart. “After closer inspection of the plastic that was wrapped around the game case I found scotch tape,” Michael said. Sounds like someone bought the game, decided it’d be funny to write “REDNECK S***” on a disc and replace the game with it (presumably they kept the game disc because they enjoy “redneck s***”), and then managed to do a decent enough job wrapping it in scotch tape that Walmart’s returns department couldn’t tell that it was no longer sealed, or maybe didn’t even bother to check.

I hope that if this kid doesn’t get a new copy of the game that he’ll at least get his money back. Now, as for refunds on lost childhood innocence, I’m pretty sure Walmart won’t be able to help with that.

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