Wandering Ghost Cities in WoW and Irish Identity in Games


Hello, Escapist readers! As part of our partnership with curation website Critical Distance, we’ll be bringing you a weekly digest of the coolest games criticism, analysis and commentary from around the web. Let’s hit it!

First up, on Eurogamer Christian Donlan speculates on the sweet, sweet masochism of survival games and why we love them so much.

Meanwhile, over at the A.V. Club’s Gameological Society, Samantha Nelson basks in the beautiful solitude of World of Warcraft‘s abandoned cities. And Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Adam Smith interviews Shawn Allen about his upcoming, wicked-looking brawler, Treachery in Beatdown City (whose Kickstarter could really use a final nudge to reach its funding target).

Finally, at Kill Screen, Corey Milne considers Irish identity in games through the characterization of a sniper in Valkyria Chronicles.

That’s all for this week! If you’re interested in more great writing, videos and podcasts from this week in games, be sure to swing over to Critical Distance to have your fill!

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