Consortium: The Tower‘s Kickstarter might fail, but “Super Backers” will get every future Consortium game without spending a cent.

Sometimes, Kickstarter campaigns don’t work out as planned. Take Consortium: The Tower, a uniquely ambitious game $300,000 short of its required funds. Yet despite the shortfall, Interdimensional Games plans to continue its campaign and bring Kickstarter backers for the ride. How will it do that? By giving anyone who supported The Tower a chance to receive all future Consortium games for free.

In about ten hours, Consortium: The Tower‘s Kickstarter will conclude while iDGi’s crowdfunding enters an intermission period. When the project relaunches in a few weeks, anyone who previously backed The Tower at the Consortium Initiate level or higher will be eligible to become a Super Backer. These individuals won’t just get Consortium: The Tower at release – they’ll receive every future iDGi game from the Consortium universe without paying a dime.

And to be clear, if you back Consortium: The Tower in its final Kickstarter hours? Yes, you’ll be eligible for those free games as well.

iDGi is keeping quiet right now on how this process will work – presumably you’ll have to repledge to The Tower through an independent crowdfunding site. But for the 4400 backers who already supported Consortium: The Tower, it’s a great reason to stick with the campaign. iDGi will announce more details about the campaign sometime next week.

Source: Kickstarter

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