Want Some Free 3D Realms, Apogee Games? Enter The “Kickass Moments” Contest

Duke Nukem 3D

Record some footage, upload it to YouTube, and maybe win a game or 30.

Few developers helped define 90’s PC gaming like 3D Realms, even if Duke “everyone’s favorite crazy uncle” Nukem has fallen on hard times. But chin up! Because you have free games to win.

3D Realms is running a Kickass Moments contest. It’s simple, really:

  • Step One: Fire up your 3D Realms/Apogee Software game of choice, from Crystal Caves, all the way up to Rise of the Triad (the new one, I mean).
  • Step Two: Record a worthwhile moment in said game, preferably at 1080p/60 (yes, even for the dustiest titles in the 3D Realms library).
  • Step Three: Upload to YouTube, attaching the “#kickassmoment” hashtag to your clip.
  • Step Four: Also load it up on Dropbox, Google Drive — anything shareable — in case 3D Realms wants to use your footage.
  • Step Five: ???
  • Step Six: PROFIT…in the form of t-shirts, and a bunch of 3D Realms/Apogee game codes.
  • Let’s be honest for a moment…you were probably going to play, stream some games this weekend anyway, so you might as well try and get some free games in exchange, right? Riiiiight.

    The contest runs through 8am ET on September 11th, and entires must be posted to this thread. Good luck, my ROTT-happy friends!

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