War Never Changes in Metro: Last Light “Salvation” Trailer


Even at the end of the world, where humanity goes, folly and misery follow.

You would think that turning the surface of the Earth into a shattered wasteland would be enough to convince humanity to give up its warlike ways, but no. Human nature is not so easily changed, and even forced to live like rats in tiny colonies underground, there will always be those who seek to dominate others by force.

Is that bleak? That’s Metro, baby! For the benefit of those who missed last year’s “Survivor” trailers, like this one about the joys of being a Russian supermodel in Post-Apocalyptica, the world as portrayed in 4A Games’ underground shooter franchise is unrelentingly dark and hostile. And while the new “Salvation” trailer dangles a hint of hope, this “other” in which our destiny may lie may not necessarily be good for us either, especially if the canon ending of Metro 2033 is as advertised.

Metro: Last Light comes out on May 14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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