Warframe Update Pumps Up the Space Ninja Action

The Shadows of the Dead update brings new Warframes and mission types to the F2P shooter.

It’s hard to fault Digital Extreme’s F2P action game Warframe for a lack of imagination. Ancient space ninjas awaken from cryogenic sleep to do battle against enemies using robotic suits. Oh, and you can shoot out the windows and die in a vacuum, which more games should allow. Now, Update 10, entitled Shadows of the Dead, is adding more stuff to slice and dice. It will include two new Warframes for players to try, new mission types, and new space ninja gear to wield.

The most interesting new addition is the Nekros, a necromancer Warframe. He comes with an ability called Soul Punch, which hits so hard it “turns your enemy’s soul in a deadly projectile”, which really ought to appear on the parental warning label. Another notable ability is entitled Shadows of the Dead, which summons the spirits of those who you’ve slain to fight for you, leading to some interesting strategy options. There’s also a new Mag Prime Warframe to find as well, which should take the normal Mag and amp it up a bit. The update also brings new gear to the table, including infested weapons that look as unsanitary as they are deadly. Twenty new weapon mods will be included as well, along with a new armory UI to help you sort through it all.

Interested players can test their new Warframes out in the new survival missions. The goal is to survive for five minutes. Instead of simply using a timer, players will have to fight for oxygen, collecting air tanks off of their fallen enemies. If that seems too mundane, you can try your hand against your fellow Tenno in the smaller-scale Conclave PvP battles.

A complete list of the additions and changes can be found here.

Source: Digital Extreme

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