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WarioWare: Move It! Reveals Party Microgames with November Release Date

Trailer: WarioWare: Move It will launch for Nintendo Switch with a November 2023 release date as a new hectic Wario microgame series entry.

The June 2023 Nintendo Direct brought a smorgasbord of Mario-related announcements, but it also revealed that WarioWare: Move It will launch for Nintendo Switch with a November 3, 2023 release date as the latest entry in the hectic microgame series. The footage revealed during the presentation gave fans a good look at how the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers will be utilized in the upcoming gaming mashup. Some examples feature players dancing, skating, punching, wiggling, rubbing, sliding, and doing plenty of more across single-player, co-op, and four-player party modes. It’s the WarioWare mayhem you know and love, and it’s less than a half-year away.

Nintendo says fans can expect to play more than 200 microgames when WarioWare: Move It launches upon its November release date. Those who can’t wait to lock in their purchase can preorder the game on the eShop and My Nintendo Store starting today. For a taste of the treasure trove of mini-games yet to come, you can watch the WarioWare: Move It reveal trailer below.

WarioWare: Move It looks like a fast-paced continuation of the microgame spinoff fans have gotten to know for years, but our last new entry arrived not so long ago. WarioWare: Get It Together! launched for Switch in 2021 with a focus on co-op functionality. With that in mind, today’s reveal seems like a logical next step for those who have been looking forward to playing with more friends.

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