Warner Bros. Acquires Rights for Space Invaders Movie

Space Invaders

Warner Bros. is producing a Space Invaders movie.

Warner Bros. Pictures, still enjoying the high from The Lego Movie, has just attained the intellectual property rights to the 1978 arcade classic Space Invaders in preparation for a film adaption.

In addition to this announcement, Akiva Goldsman was mentioned as being producer for the film.

Goldsman has worked on the hit TV show Fringe, was a writer for I, Robot and The Da Vinci Code, as well as a producer for I Am Legend and Lone Survivor. Joby Harold and Tory Tunnel will also be accompanying Goldsman as producers for the movie.

Although Space Invaders doesn’t have a robust narrative–it’s just aliens slowly descending to Earth while they’re being shot at by missiles on the ground–The Lego Movie managed to still be entertaining and successful. But then again, there is Battleship.

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